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OPT/NET B.V. is a team of doers & dreamers that build comprehensive AI products based on decades of hardcore critical industry experience. We believe in making humans superhuman, not replacing them.

Open Positions


For us at OPT/NET the customer experience and operational excellence is at the forefront of everything we do. Elevating customer experience beyond the state of the art and exceeding all customer expectations are our goals.

We are looking for a versatile motivated and ambitious DevOps Engineer *star* who will help us build our diverse family of advanced telecom grade AI products deployed on the large-scale High-Performance and functional hybrid cloud systems.

We are looking for talented individuals who are looking to realize their full potential with the organization where rewards are merit based.

He/She will be responsible for maintaining our lab and production infrastructures, supporting software building processes and tool-chains, deploying products and updates for our customers, identifying production issues and implementing integrations that meet and exceed our customers' needs.

If you have a solid background in linux, cloud systems, networking, and understand what it takes to support software engineering processes and are familiar with CENTOS/RedHat Linux, Cloud(s) technology, Python, Bash and other scripting languages, we’d love to speak with you.

Objectives of this Role:
• Maintaining our Lab and Prod environments
• Building and setting up new development tool chains and CI/CD processes
• Listening to and understanding the needs of external and internal customer & users and other stakeholders during interactions with them and conveying this information to developers and product managers
• Working on ways to automate and improve our development, release and deployment processes
• Testing and examining the DevOps code written by others and analyzing results while using internally developed tooling and our own AI products
• Ensuring that all our customer’s systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
• Identifying technical problems and developing software updates and ‘fixes’ by monitoring the deployed platforms with our AI tools
• Working with software developers and software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended
• Planning out projects and being involved in project management decisions

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities:
• Maintain Lab and Prod infrastructures
• Deploy updates and fixes
• Provide Level 2 technical support to the cloud customers
• Build tools based on our AI products to eliminate occurrences of errors and keep customer experience at highest levels possible
• Develop software(scripts) to integrate with internal back-end and external front end systems
• Perform root cause analysis for production errors that (unfortunately) happened with assistance of our products
• Investigate and resolve technical issues proactively based on the insights from our OptOSS AI
• Develop scripts to automate certain frequent visualization (AI Knowledge Packs) for OptOSS AI and other products of ours
• Collaborate on the design of procedures for internal and external system troubleshooting and maintenance

Skills and Qualifications:
• BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field
• Experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role
• Generic CENTOS Linux systems administration, disaster recovery
• Proficient with Git and Git workflows
• Good knowledge of UNIX shells (Bash), Python or Perl
• Working knowledge of databases and SQL (Postgres or PostGIS)
• Basics of IPv4 Networking and LAN Switching (Cisco, Juniper)
• Experience with Atlassian family of Server Edition products such as JIRA, Bitbucket
• Familiar with Jenkins CI/CD approach
• SSO and authentication with Google
• Familiar with Docker, Kubernetes and desired experience with SDN
• Cloud technology from heterogeneous cloud providers (AWS, GCP, IBM)
• Problem-solving and willing to learn and improve attitude
• Collaborative team spirit and ability to smooth out any conflict and deflect negativity (especially when customer facing)

Preferred Qualifications:
• Master's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
• Experience with software engineering, customer experience and telecom/network engineering
• Experience developing engineering applications for a large service providers, telecom providers or very large corporations

GIS Product Manager and Software Development Team Lead

Established in 2018 in 's-Hertogenbosch, OPT/NET BV is one of the most promising Dutch start-ups active in the challenging field of composable cognitive AI across various critical segments of the industry. Created by an international team of founders as a product company that builds on over a decade of innovation and state-of-the-art AI research, OPT/NET fuses space-tech obtained via ESA's technology transfer programme with quantum physics principles and advanced AI concepts. OPT/NET is just in the beginning of its scale-up phase. After winning multi year contracts, OPT/NET is scaling its products and R&D teams in the Netherlands.

This position will lead the Geo-Information Systems (GIS) projects and product development of OPT/NET, and will report directly to the CTO.

We are looking for a senior professional on a full-time basis with the following skills:

For this position, we expect a candidate to:
• thoroughly understand the product domain and customer requirements
• maintain and develop the product’s short-term and long term development plans
• draw on and expand the product road-maps with new goals and objectives
• develop, prioritise and oversee the product feature implementation activities
• lead the product development by following and mastering the best industry practices for agile product development (scrum, kanban, waterfall)
• work closely with software developers during the design, prototyping, development and testing phases of the new product features and functions
• lead and stimulate the software development staff comprised of software and hardware engineers,to monitor and report to the management on the financial and technical progress KPI
• gather, monitor and provide inputs to the management about the resources and tools necessary for the development and implementation of the products
• be familiar with policies and standards in the GIS industry segment
• support the product marketing and sales activities via creation of the white papers, presentations and demonstrations to the clients and prospects of the company
• support the sales process by answering customer questions and inquiries (e.g. providing answers in the relevant sections of RFIs, RFPs, RFQs)
• conduct dissemination and outreach activities via participation in conferences, exhibitions and online webinars in order to attract new clients and creating business development opportunities in support of sales organisation
• act as a primary point of contact for detailed technical and feature information related to GIS products and services developed by OPT/NET

Specific duties include:
1. Work closely with CTO and senior staff to provide inputs for strategic planning, company development direction, evaluation and implementation of the product development goals and objectives and developing performance measures.
2. Keen to work in the commercial world and apply ICT and geospatial solutions to business needs of our customers.
3. Elicit customer requirements and author Market Requirements Documents.
4. Achieve product development goals expressed in Quality, Costs, Deadlines and Budget metrics KPIs.
5. Work closely with software & hardware engineers to establish and implement technical solutions for the encountered challenges and to ensure that product’s features support established industry standards.
6. Manage the work of the development team to ensure that new and current product features and functions are thoroughly evaluated in terms of quality and scope.
7. Continuously prioritise the work of the development team based on shifting customer and business priorities in order to achieve highest quality and customer satisfaction.
8. Ensure that appropriate and adequate staff is assigned to work on the product development and monitor performance of the team.
9. Track the research, development and implementation of new technologies as recommended by scientific research staff, including new algorithms, platforms and technologies.
10. To train the product development teams and lead by example.
11. Handle stress and manage conflict in the team to assure that the best ideas are given a fertile environment and worse ideas naturally weed out rapidly.
12. Use a variety of communications styles to persuade or negotiate appropriately in order to achieve the company product development goals and objectives.
13. Develop Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CD/CI) process and maintain the product documentation and supporting literature such as white papers, product feature and sales presentations, product sheets and user documentation comprising of product manuals and video tutorials.
14. Establish digital data distribution policies, and assist sales with determining product charges, copyright protection measures, use of data sharing agreements and commercial data and monitoring of the licenses.
15. Conduct product related communications and strategic positioning (i.e. generate regularly product newsletter, website content, mailings, brochures, Social Media etc.)

Spoken English of high level is not required, but the candidate should be able to read / write in English at advanced level. We are looking for an independent, self-motivated employee who wants to learn and does not need external routine supervision.We need a ‘fire-and-forget’ professional who understands the team and project priorities and works with them. Prospective tasks: Developing AI, improving productivity, improving the intelligence / cognitive capabilities of our now-advanced AI. This position will report to the head of the engineering.Each of the new developers can become the leader of the team, as we are looking for several specialists and the company is scaling up.

Attributes we'd be especially excited to see:
• The ability and drive to spot opportunities for the application of earth observation data big-data solutions in national/EU programmes, develop proposals and manage large scale projects.
• An excellent network.
• Completed studies at least at BSc level in Computer Sciences, (Geo-Space Sciences/Space related Technical degree is a bonus) and understanding of agile development frameworks and principles.
•Understanding of the EU space programmes, ICT, and EU geospatial market
• Experience with popular GIS products
• Excellent communication skills (listening, speaking, and writing) and team-oriented approach. Being able to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences 
• Very good written and spoken English
• Prior experience with EU projects preferably Horizon2020 projects (desirable)
• Problem-solving and analytical thinking and structured action
• Experience in marketing and sales
• Ability to work under pressure
• Careful, independent, team- and client-oriented way of working

What we offer:
• Flexible & varied work in an international environment
• Highly intelligent, committed & motivated team
• Entry into a fast-growing startup/scaleup with exciting development opportunities
• Flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes
• A high degree of creative freedom and autonomous action
• Competitive compensation

Sales Intern

Sales Interns form an important part of the customer-facing side of the organisation. Sales Interns help the Sales Representatives primarily in the lead generation phase of the sales cycle to learn about the markets OPT/NET operates in. Sales Interns familiarise themselves with the sales process by looking through LinkedIn for appropriate leads, closely following the news to discover sales opportunities, assist with the creation of sales collateral, and help establish contact with the innovation/startup facing divisions of large enterprise accounts.

Marketing Intern

Marketing Interns form part of the Sales Enablement team. They may assist the Marketing Director and senior staff by performing administrative and content creation-oriented duties while they gain experience. Marketing Interns conduct research, interact with sales teams through calls & emails, update marketing deliverables, attend meetings, and help maintain client relationships, among other tasks.

Other Roles - Open Application

You can  make a bold spontaneous application (CV & cover letter), even if we are not specifically advertising for the role. We are always open to connect with talented & ambitious people and discuss potential opportunities.