for any time-critical
& data-intensive tasks

The OPT/NET AI Engine empowers users to
rapidly build AI Solutions that deliver real-time
insights on any time-series data without a
dependence on training data.

Key Benefits Use Cases

Work fast

The OPT/NET AI engine enables you to
rapidly create useful AI solutions that
deliver insights in real-time.

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See everything

The OPT/NET AI engine detects both known and unknown patterns in ANY structured
or unstructured time-series data.

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Start today

You don't need to be a data scientist or
AI expert to get a useful AI solution up
and running in no time!

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Work fast!

Say goodbye to the tedious task of labelling datasets.

Unlike typical AI approaches, our AI Engine eliminates the need for time consuming labelling tasks and model building. Instead, it builds on a simple pattern interpretation exercise that fits seamlessly into existing workflows from day one.

"OPT/NET’s AI technology has helped support & enhance our ability to rapidly extract useful & often critical information from satellite imagery" - Steve Lee, CEO Astrosat
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See everything!

Detect known and unknown patterns.

Our patented generic AI approach autonomously detects both known and unknown patterns of significance in structured and unstructured time-series data, without prior access to training data.

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Start today!

Uncover insights without being a data scientist!

Anyone can use our AI Engine to build a powerful AI Solution. No complex coding or sluggish data labelling requirements means new solutions can be spun out rapidly and valuable insights are generated in a matter of days!

"MONITORED AI has shown tremendous potential to increase visibility into the status of my crops and fields." - Derk Gesink, Groningen Farmer
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Industries & Use Cases

  • Emergency Management


    Harness the power of AI for Good

    We built the award-winning TSAR AI platform - which helps emergency and disaster response teams work quicker, smarter, and more effectively through the use of Earth Observation Data. TSAR AI has gained traction both with the European Commission as well as the renowned X-Prize competition.

    TSAR AI can be applied for a variety of use-cases, ranging from automated flood mapping, damage assessments, infrastructure monitoring and more.

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    Emergency Management Whitepaper [PDF]
  • Critical Networks


    Avoid costly errors and disastrous outages

    Unexpected IT outages can cost companies about $260,000 per hour, according to IBM. We built an in-house product - OptOSS AI - that detects, flags, and mitigates potential issues in real-time allowing Ops teams to work proactively instead of reactively.

    OptOSS AI can be deployed both on/off premises for the monitoring of any IT network, scales easily and cost-effectively, and delivers real-time intelligence and automation capabilities.

    Learn More about OptOSS AI
    Telecom Network Whitepaper [PDF]
  • Smart Agriculture


    Monitor your most prized assets

    MONITORED (MultifunctiONal aI plaTform fOr eaRth obsErvation Data) empowers users by combining the analysis of massive amounts of rich geospatial data with in-situ sensor data, providing a holistic and insightful dashboard overview of their most prized assets.

    MONITORED can be applied for a variety of use-cases, ranging from smartagriculture to critical infrastructure monitoring or even maritime security.

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  • Your Use Case?


    We're looking for data-driven domain experts

    Do you work in a data-driven domain? Could the decisions you make on a daily basis be supported by an always-on, always-alert AI Engine that learns from you and your best experts?

    Let us handle the AI and Data Science. Automate away the repetitive & mundane tasks, and empower yourself to focus on solving new problems and deepening your expertise.

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Dedicated AI Solutions

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box AI Solution to solve your data challenges? We’ve co-developed several enterprise grade AI Solutions leveraging our patented AI Engine for 3 distinct use cases already.



AI-Driven Operator
Support System

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Geospatial Data
Analytics Platform

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Sensor + Geospatial Data Analytics Platform

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Working with the world's best companies

We are proud to collaborate with many of the world's leading firms.

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